About Learn EV

Since 2012, Independent Truck Repair Group (iTRG) has focuses on aftermarket technician training and network development. With over 400+ member repair shops and 5000+ technicians trained, iTRG is a leader and innovator in the combustible engine market. After numerous market request, iTRG has progressed to the next generation, Electric Vehicle Training. NOW, LearnEV, Inc. is the successor to iTRG.

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Learn EV, Inc. next generation, Microsoft based platform represents the future of technician training.
Using virtual and augmented reality headsets to support the platform. Centralized Instructors shorten training from a week to a day and a day to an hour. Positioning LearnEV for rapid growth.

Theoretical Meets –

Real World Application

Virtual and augmented reality headsets provide real time interaction between EV Trainers and Technicians

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